For the past weeks all of us here at Greenwood Stakes have been tracking, witnessing and experiencing the unprecedented crisis of our time. We are with you, have been traumatized and affected, yet more than ever, we feel the need to rally our community toward solutions.

From the very beginning, Greenwood Stakes was created to encourage and produce an annual festival that makes our city more vibrant; the current global circumstances have only challenged and inspired our team to continue this mission with more fervour. We have a firm desire to give our community a chance to “come get fancy” but doing so while respecting social distancing guidelines.

With that, we carefully announce our quarantine strategy, respectful of the on-going adversity, to postpone the 3rd annual Greenwood Stakes until further notice. We will continue to work with our colleagues, partners and our attempt to create a path forward, to give back, and to keep one of our favourite events alive in our hearts and minds.